Content and talks

I really enjoy speaking and writing about business, marketing and culture. Here are some recent examples:

Measure What Data Actually Matters for Your Event - Hubb Webinar, April 2019

Sponsorship Trends: Activations vs. Exhibits - CEIR blog, April 2019

Beyond the Booth Thinking: Activation-Driven Event Sponsorships Escape the Tyranny of ROI and Measure What Actually MattersMaximize Event Impact through Sales and Marketing AlignmentContent + Interactions: A Formula for Effective Marketing Impact - ExhibitorLive conference, February 2019

Transform Your Career: From Implementer to Strategist - Exhibitor Magazine eTrak webinar, November 2018

Content + Interactions: A Formula for Effective Marketing Impact - Exhibitor Magazine eTrak webinar, October 2018

Maximizing Event Impact Through Smart Sales & Marketing Alignment - ANA B2B Committee event, July 2018

Escape the Tyranny of Event "ROI" and Measure What Matters - CEMA Summit talk, July 2018

Receive Better (and More) Work from Your Agencies - Exhibitor Magazine FastTrak talk, July 2018

MythBusters: 10 Common Myths Debunked - BizBash webinar, June 2018

The Magic of Mobile First Thinking - ANA blog, June 2018

Using Event Marketing to Activate a Passionate Customer Base - ANA Masters of B2B Marketing talk (with Amy Barone of Tableau Software), June 2018

Four Key Metrics for Evaluating Event Marketing Performance - MarketingProfs, May 2018

An Expert's Guide to Planning a Mobile First Event - White paper developed in collaboration with QuickMobile, May 2018

Navigating the Event Planning Process - ANA blog, April 2018

Taking the Scary out of Event Measurement - GES blog, March 2018

R.O. Why? - ANA Webinar, March 2018

Transform Your Career: From Implementer to Strategist - ExhibitorLive talk, February 2018

Content+Interactions: A Formula for Effective Marketing Impact - ExhibitorLive talk, February 2018

Four Event Marketing Metrics that Matter - Chief Marketer, November 2017

How to Develop Your Event to be Epic - 5 Essential Elements - BizBash Webinar, June 2017

Interview with MeetingsNet - March 2017